Our prices and products

We can help you design and implement websites, digital media strategies, and advertising campaigns. We’re here to help you sell more products and better engage your customers. We don’t sell you things you don’t want or need. You can mix and match different services or products to match your needs – so think of them […]


How we can help you

Our goal is to deliver a reliable product that you understand. For some that means a complete digital presence, for others a simple website they can update, training, or strategy session. We can design and implement an easy to navigate and reliable website that you can update without having to drop a few hundred dollars […]

What does “media, set apart” mean anyway?

Breaking through the digital clutter to reach your audience and achieve your goal is difficult. Anyone can set up a Facebook page. Anyone can set up a website. Any business, organization, advocacy campaign or political operation that plans on growing already has these (and more). But you could already have a website or Facebook page […]


You’ve done this before

First, pat yourself on the back. You’ve secured a job in new media. The best part? You’ll be doing the same thing humans have been doing for thousands of years, but in new and exciting ways. That’s why there’s a “new” in “new media.” Centuries ago it was stories around the campfire and writing on […]